Alain Decartes

WW CME LEAD Industry Market Development, HP Software Marketing
Hewlett Packard

When did you join the company, how long have you worked in this area, what other positions have you held in your organisation?
I have joined HP 9 Years Ago, working on Cloud Services since 2009.

What does your role involve now, what makes you qualified to speak on this subject?

Over three decades experience working in the Telecommunication and IT Sector with roles in a variety of solution including the Value Added Service, Cloud Services and Apps Store market worldwide.  He has strong skills in international sales, marketing and business development

Any other points you think may be of interest to the delegates, e.g.: have you written any books, articles, publications; have you been seconded anywhere: do you have an MA; are you a member, fellow or Chairman of any association; etc..

I  drive the message, produces marketing essentials, enables the sales team and delivers external marketing communications to customers, press and analysts around HP's IT software including cloud, big data, security and mobility strategy for the Communications, Media and Entertainment market segment. Alain has been a Board member at the International Association for Enhanced Voice Services. He has also won a number of Industry accolades including The Messaging Industry Association Special Recognition Award.